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MightyScout powers influencer campaigns for thousands of upstarts and brands

If you’re reading this...
The way you’re organizing your influencer content isn’t as streamlined as you’d like it to be

Maybe you’re using sheets or you've tried a few different influencer marketing platforms, but they're not doing the job. Maybe...

  • You need to track product gifting or seeding campaigns and influencer events but your tool only tracks paid influencers.
  • You noticed many of the stories aren't being captured.
  • You’re not sure if your influencers are posting or not.
  • You're screenshotting stories on weekends or missing them and having to follow-up with the influencers.
  • Your current software for tracking social media content is not exactly...reliable.

And maybe... the all-in-one price tag is too bloated with services you don't need.

And yearly contracts are risky because... you may not need the tool for a few months or it simply doesn’t meet your expectations.

You know there has to be a better way to streamline your influencer content efforts. And you know you have options.

Auto-collect influencer content 24/7

If you want to scale your influencer or ambassador programs it likely involves micro-influencers that don’t have a fixed posting schedule. Rather than asking them for screenshots, or constantly scanning their feeds on the weekend, let us automatically add the content they post to your content library.

Now you can efficiently manage your ambassador and influencer content, giving you more comprehensive insight on your marketing efforts.

Take back your time & enjoy your weekends
Scale up your influencer program without hiring additional staff
Quickly check if your community is posting as expected

Before MightyScout, our team spent countless hours on our influencer programs. 6-8 hours of our time was monitoring influencer profiles 7 days a week, reporting on monthly performance by hand, creating lists of influencer selections for clients to choose from.

Turner PR
Carly Gasiewski, Digital Strategist

TURNERPR – Communications & Digital Marketing Agency

Content & Metrics in a unified library

Centralize all your assets in one accessible location for your team, eliminating the need for manual daily searches for tagged content — a task that could consume countless hours of your team’s time.

Understand performance at a glance to make more informed decisions. Present comprehensive data to colleagues, clients, or executives empowering you to refine marketing strategies organization-wide.

Evaluate key metrics such as reach, impressions, cost, and ROI, as well as the qualitative aspects of videos or stories produced.

Manage usage rights & content downloads for paid ads

Secure usage rights, then effortlessly download and repurpose content for ads. If you don’t have our content management solution, you're stuck chasing down each influencer for content, asking if they can send it to you, making the whole relationship transactional.

Whether it's your team or clients looking to repurpose content, let us help you reduce the workload.

Why MightyScout’s content management vs. all the other options that you may be considering?
Comprehensive coverage

Most tools can track paid influencer campaigns and feed posts, but the more challenging scenarios involve product gifting, seeding, influencer events, and stories. No tool offers a more complete view than MightyScout.

Monthly pricing – no lock-in

No need to commit to a year long contract. We know you'll love us. For agencies, we offer flexible pricing to help with volume variability. Try us – risk free with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

24 hour workday support

No matter your time zone or the hours you choose to work, our friendly support staff is here to help you around the clock. We’ll even get back to you within 24 hours on the weekends.

Easy to learn. Easy to use.

Customers love our simple yet powerful interface. It's intuitive, making it a joy to use daily or to onboard new team members. You’ll be up and running in minutes, not days.

Agency-friendly workflows

Working with many clients has its challenges. With MightyScout, all your brands are in one place, making it easier for agencies. No burdensome logins for each client. Custom reports are no sweat.

Works well with others

Still not convinced? We won't be offended, our tracking capabilities can cover where others fall short. Export and utilize your data wherever you need, ensuring you always have the best of all worlds.

Case Studies
Hoopla icon

Ride-hailing platform in 50+ markets

How Bolt uses MightyScout to manage over 500 influencers with only 2 employees

"We used to spend 6-8 hours before, but the most important part for us is not just the number of hours saved. Before, we didn’t have the option to make the good decisions that we’re able to make now. After we saved time, we now have the option to calculate ROI, we have an option to have better forecasts."

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for influencer campaigns per month
  • 7 hours

  • 12 mins

Hoopla icon

Social Media & Influencer Agency in the United Kingdom

How Hoopla Marketing saves $1,620/month per campaign with 85% time savings

"Once we saw we could see who had posted and who hadn't, that was kind of like a game changer for us...That was perfect for us to be able to report back to the client at any time. Without a doubt the cost of MightyScout is worth every penny in terms of what you're able to provide the client with, the time it saves you, and just how easy it is to use.

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for a single influencer campaign per month
  • 14 hours

  • 30 mins

Frisbi icon

Digital Marketing & Influencer Agency in Chile

How Frisbi Marketing saves $2,030 and 72 hours of work each month

"Before MightyScout, we had to spend 1-2 days every week gathering information about Stories between 1-2 people. Now, we can gather the information for reports in 2 minutes: the time it takes to download and send MightyScout's report to my clients. I think we would have had to hire 5 or 6 people to do what MightyScout is doing."

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for all influencer campaigns per month
  • 72 hours

  • 40 mins

Influbase icon

Influencer Marketing Agency in the United Kingdom

How Influbase saves $4,950 and 40 hours of work each month

"MightyScout has allowed us to really automate the tracking part of campaigns. Before this, Excel spreadsheets and manual work was very time consuming. It’s gotta be saving us something like 40 hours a month. That's a lot of man hours, if you add up all those costs from an employee point of view, that’s a lot of money, so MightyScout is very cost-efficient."

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for influencer campaigns per month
  • 40 hours

  • 30 mins

Frequently Asked Questions
Will Instagram stories be captured before they expire in 24 hours?

Yes, our system automatically saves your influencers' stories (and posts) for you, even story videos.

What is influencer content management?

Influencer content management involves organizing, storing, tracking, and analyzing content created by influencers, ambassadors, and your community to maximize its impact for your brand. It includes tracking performance metrics, content, usage rights, and repurposing content for different marketing channels.

Do you track unpaid campaigns like product gifting, product seeding, and influencer events?

Yes. Many tools can track paid campaigns. But with MightyScout, you can track influencers and content from unpaid campaigns too.

Can MightyScout track all Instagram media tagging my brand, even if I don't specify which influencers will post?

Yes, this is our Social Listening tool and is perfect for brands who just want to monitor all incoming tagged media!

How can I organize influencer content effectively?

Our platform allows you to categorize content by campaign, labels, partnership type, content type (e.g., posts, stories, videos), platform, and performance metrics. This organization makes it easy to access and analyze content for different marketing initiatives.

How does repurposing influencer content work?

With our tool, you can easily download influencer content, record usage rights, and repurpose it for different marketing initiatives, such as social media ads, website content, or email marketing campaigns. This approach enables you to leverage native content, which is inherently more engaging and likely to perform better. This diversity of content allows you to convey your brand's message consistently while showcasing it in varied and engaging ways across all platforms.

What sets your influencer content management tool apart?

Our platform specializes in capturing influencer content, offering additional features like automatic performance tracking, usage rights management, and much more. Unlike other platforms, it reliably captures content like stories, and metrics like Reels views.

How do I ensure I have the rights to use influencer content?

Our platform consolidates usage rights management by enabling you to document the duration of your content rights. This ensures your team always has the proper permissions to repurpose content for your brand's (or client's) marketing needs.

Do you offer a free trial?

We don't offer free trials but we do have a 30 day risk-free money back guarantee. That means if you aren't satisfied with the product within 30 days, we'll immediately refund your payment in full. Refunds typically take 5–10 business days to reach your account.

Does the platform allow for multiple brands under one account? How many?

Yes, you can have an unlimited number of brands under one account. When it comes to actively tracking for mentions of those brands in particular, the number will depend on the pricing plan that you choose.

Do you offer features for influencer discovery, reporting, and relationship management within the same platform?

Yes, all are included on all plans (starting at $249/mo). You can see a full detailed list on our pricing page.

Let MightyScout help you manage and organize your influencer content library 24/7