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This is our story

In 2016, MightyScout started as an influencer discovery service. Our blend of software and a human touch "scouted" over 90,000 influencers for brands and agencies. We were proud of our results, but also saw the problems companies had after they began working with their new influencers: it was a nightmare to keep track of their posting activity and gather campaign data at scale.

It was almost like the more influencers we found for our clients, the bigger their problems were later on.

By 2018, we shifted focus towards our influencer tracking tool. Marketers could use this tool to transform their influencer campaign workflow into a completely hands-off solution. We now save teams thousands of combined hours every week.

Our mission is simple:

Increase the profitability of your influencer marketing efforts.

  • We do this by:
  • 1. Drastically reducing the time you need to spend managing your campaigns
  • 2. Giving you access to metrics and insights to help you make better decisions

We take pride on working closely with our clients to help them solve their problems. Here's proof:

"The customizability has been really helpful, you've been really great about supporting special requests!"

- Andrew Le, Managing Director at SLIQUE Media

"I spoke with the team, they said you're really fast about making small changes for us. Our clients are grateful because they all have unique asks and we're always able to deliver them immediately."

- Tomás Collados, Founder at Frisbi Marketing

"Without a doubt the cost of MightyScout is worth every penny in terms of what you’re able to provide the client with, the time it saves you, and just how easy it is to use."

- Paul Strong, Founder at Hoopla Marketing

Meet who's behind the scenes

Kevin Ko
Kevin is a lifelong technology enthusiast, programmer, teacher, and author. He has previously built systems and interfaces for HR and Finance companies. He's in charge of writing code for MightyScout and is the person to blame if it suddenly stops working.
Joe Anderson
Joe is a product designer who loves figuring out how to make things simple. He has mentored and taught lead designers at companies like Google, Dropbox, Adobe, Uber, Lyft, and Pinterest. If anything looks funny on the website, send him a note or a gif!

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