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Why fast-growing agencies choose MightyScout for influencer campaign tracking and reporting

How to find the best influencer campaign tracking tool for your needs, whether you’re evaluating products like Grin, TribeDynamics, CreatorIQ, Julius, or others.
If you’re reading this...
The way you’re tracking & managing influencer campaigns just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Maybe you're using sheets or started trying a few different influencer marketing platforms, but managing dozens (or even hundreds) of influencers for multiple brands gets disorganized, fast. Maybe...

  • You’re online nights and weekends to check and screenshot stories — when you’d rather be doing, well, anything else.
  • You’re spending multiple days to put a single campaign report together — and it’s getting hard to manage and share meaningful insights with your clients.
  • Your current software or process for tracking social media content is not exactly...reliable — and your boss is breathing down your neck asking for the numbers.

And maybe...the all-in-one pricetag and yearly contracts are scaring away your clients.

The bottom line? You know there has to be a better way to automate influencer tracking and management. And you know you have options.

MightyScout helps fast-growing agencies track influencer marketing campaigns for brands like:
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“You all need to just email every single agency because everybody needs this. We're all dying. Everyone needs this.”

Agency Founder and MightyScout customer
Must-have features that made MightyScout an easy choice for other fast-growing agencies


Track stories and posts. Automatically, 24/7.

Your influencer roster is growing, and it’s no longer feasible to manually check and screenshot stories. Just copy and paste usernames into MightyScout, and stats and screenshots of content automatically appear in your account. No more logging in on a Sunday to catch stories before they expire.


All your influencers for multiple brands in one place

Quickly understand the activity that's happening with influencers you're working with, across multiple brands. Instead of siloed influencers and tons of different logins, you’ll have a handle on everyone, all in one place.


Flexible pricing for growing teams. Finally.

Growing agencies love being able to easily scale up or down their MightyScout usage depending on the season or the number or influencers they’re managing at any given time. Your pricing can flex month to month, so you’re not roped in to strict yearly contracts.

Teams also love how easy it is to use MightyScout
Zen girl meditating showing it's easy
Get started in 5 minutes or less

You’ll understand the platform (and how to make the most out of it), without months of training. Most users get the hang of it in just a few minutes.

Idea rocket taking off quickly
Get help fast via email or live chat support

You care about delivering to your clients, fast. We make sure to answer questions and resolve problems quickly so you can shine.

Magic wand over hat with bunny representing magically improvements
Regular platform improvements

Teams love how quickly our team ships updates and creates new features. You’ll have direct contact with the team and founders for easy feedback.

Getting started is so simple, we’ll have your account set up before we even get on a call

Send us a list of your influencers, and we’ll have everything ready to go before our demo call. Or view pricing and get started right away.
MightyScout is a game-changer for these savvy influencer marketing agencies
Hoopla icon

Social Media & Influencer Agency in the United Kingdom

How Hoopla Marketing saves $1,620/month per campaign with 85% time savings

"Once we saw we could see who had posted and who hadn't, that was kind of like a game changer for us...That was perfect for us to be able to report back to the client at any time. Without a doubt the cost of MightyScout is worth every penny in terms of what you're able to provide the client with, the time it saves you, and just how easy it is to use.

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for a single influencer campaign per month
  • 14 hours

  • 30 mins

Frisbi icon

Digital Marketing & Influencer Agency in Chile

How Frisbi Marketing saves $2,030 and 72 hours of work each month

"Before MightyScout, we had to spend 1-2 days every week gathering information about Stories between 1-2 people. Now, we can gather the information for reports in 2 minutes: the time it takes to download and send MightyScout's report to my clients. I think we would have had to hire 5 or 6 people to do what MightyScout is doing."

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for all influencer campaigns per month
  • 72 hours

  • 40 mins

Influbase icon

Influencer Marketing Agency in the United Kingdom

How Influbase saves $4,950 and 40 hours of work each month

"MightyScout has allowed us to really automate the tracking part of campaigns. Before this, Excel spreadsheets and manual work was very time consuming. It’s gotta be saving us something like 40 hours a month. That's a lot of man hours, if you add up all those costs from an employee point of view, that’s a lot of money, so MightyScout is very cost-efficient."

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for influencer campaigns per month
  • 40 hours

  • 30 mins

“Before MightyScout, we worked with a couple of all-in-one platforms, we even had a paid subscription, but we saw that based on our business we needed much more flexibility on each step of the way. So we decided to try to find the most effective and best solutions to work with.”

Mykhailo Kudla at Bolt
Mykhailo Kudla, Marketing Partnerships & Influencer Lead

Bolt - Rideshare platform and 3rd-fastest-growing company in Europe

Let’s take a look at MightyScout vs. all-in-one tools like Grin, TribeDynamics, CreatorIQ, or Julius

The TL;DR: If you have a hefty budget for tools, don't need to track many seeding or gifting campaigns, and don’t mind signing a yearly contract, an all-in-one tool might work well for you (unless Instagram story tracking is a priority).

If you’re a savvy, lean team trying to scale, you care about capturing Instagram stories, tracking gifting or seeding campaigns, and you’re interested in maximizing ROI, then you’re going to love MightyScout.

  • Flexible month-to-month contracts
  • Seamlessly track stories
  • Easily segment data by brand
  • Money back guarantee
  • Set up time


Annually starts at

  • Flexible month-to-month contracts
  • Seamlessly track stories
  • Easily segment data by brand
  • Money back guarantee
  • Get started in 5 minutes or less, self serve option available


Annually starts at

  • Flexible month-to-month contracts
  • Seamlessly track stories
  • Easily segment data by brand
  • Money back guarantee
  • Demo and lengthy training sessions required

The 30-day money back guarantee: If you’re not happy with MightyScout within 30 days of using the product, we’ll immediately refund your payment in full. No questions asked.


We don’t do it all – and that’s a good thing

MightyScout is really good at tracking, managing, and reporting for influencer campaigns. If you need more features, the good news is you can always add and remove other influencer tools as you see fit — some of our most successful customers even use MightyScout in addition to all-in-ones.

That means you can build the perfect influencer campaign management system for your business — without paying for expensive features you won’t ever use.

Book a demo to see how to build the influencer marketing system that works for you

Whatever you choose,

please don’t keep tracking manually

You have better things to do on Sunday than checking Instagram stories for work. Plus, manually tracking and reporting still costs your company upwards of $18,000 a year (15 hours per week multiplied by an average marketer rate of $25/hr).

There’s a better way, we promise. Automated tracking and pain-free reporting gives you time back so you can bring real value to your company. If you’re managing 15+ influencers, MightyScout is about to save you tons of people-hours (and money). Give it a try.

Get a live demo of why fast-growing agencies choose MightyScout

Send us a list of your influencers, and we’ll have your account set up before we even get on a demo call. You’ll end the call with a huge sense of relief (and maybe your whole day back).
Frequently Asked Questions
We want to help you find the best tool for your workflow. Have a question that’s not answered here? Use the chat below or send us an email: [email protected] and we’ll get back to you faster than you expect.
Will Instagram stories be captured before they expire in 24 hours?

Yes, our system automatically saves your influencers' stories (and posts) for you, even story videos. You can download your influencer media at any time.

Do my influencers need to authorize access to their accounts in order for MightyScout to get their stories?

Nope, we can automatically get mentions of your brand from influencers without them needing to authorize access to their accounts.

Does MightyScout have an outreach function?

No. At the moment we recommend using a template and personalizing each message you send out with mass outreach tools. During your demo and onboarding, we’ll happily talk through outreach workflows that scale to thousands of influencers.

How does MightyScout track affiliates?

MightyScout can automatically keep track of Shopify discount codes. If you need more robust affiliate tracking capabilities, you might need to use some sort of affiliate tracking software if you want to know how many sales are being driven by each of your influencers/affiliates. Happy to go over a few based on your situation.