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Case Study: Frisbi Influencer Tracking

How Frisbi Marketing saves $2030/mo – cutting time spent managing influencer campaigns from 2 days per week to 10 minutes per week.

Tomás Collados
Founder & CEO of Frisbi
May 11, 2020
Table of contents
  1. Goal
  2. Challenge
  3. Solution

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Frisbi Marketing, founded in 2015, is Latin America’s leading influencer marketing platform and agency, representing clients such as Pepsi, Starbucks, Loreal, Nestle, Samsung, and Walmart. As the Founder of Frisbi Marketing, Tomás Collados needs to ensure that his team delivers robust influencer reports with detailed analytics and results to his clients.

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However, curating these reports was time-consuming and tedious, which meant that adding more clients required Tomás’s team to spend even more time collecting data, stories, and building reports. While Frisbi’s business was growing rapidly, Tomás knew the amount of extra work involved would be unsustainable for his team. He needed a reliable solution that could automatically track influencer activity and calculate campaign metrics no matter how many clients he had to serve.


Before using MightyScout, managing influencer campaigns was a time-intensive workflow that even stretched beyond normal work hours for Tomás’s staff. It required them to collect influencer data constantly in order to report proper metrics. This meant needing to track the activity of up to 100 influencers per campaign, including each time an influencer posted a story.

“With stories we had to do a lot of manual work: counting the stories, getting the story screenshots, also getting the stats and insights of the stories.”

This type of work would often cost 1-2 employees up to 2 full days of their time on a weekly basis. Tomás knew his employees’ time would be better spent on creative and strategic client work, not manually screenshotting stories and filling in numbers on an Excel sheet.


Tomás tried other tools to help them get a grasp on their influencer campaigns, but found that no other solution was truly comprehensive and could reliably free up their time. Additionally, because they needed to spend on multiple solutions to solve their campaign tracking problem, they were paying more than they needed.

"We used 3 different platforms to track all the information about our influencers, none of them gave us the whole picture...Now we only use MightyScout. We save maybe $500-$1,000 monthly keeping all in one tool."


When Tomás began to use MightyScout, he was able to solve all his problems related to campaign tracking. MightyScout provided ways to:

What was once a workflow that required dozens of hours of work turned into one that only needed a few minutes:

“We spend a lot less time on these manual tasks and it’s all automated. We can gather the information for reports in 2 minutes: the time it takes to download and send MightyScout’s report to my clients.”

Frisbi Team Gathering

Onboarding his team onto MightyScout was fast and painless and it freed up staff time to spend on more strategic tasks. It saved Tomás a lot on salary as well. Our solution ensured Tomás could grow his clientbase without forcing himself to keep hiring more employees just to soften the administrative load.

“So I think if we can measure this in people, I think now we would have to hire 5-6 people to do what MightyScout is doing.”

Tomás can now continue to grow his agency even further knowing MightyScout has him covered.