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Case Study: Bolt

How Bolt uses MightyScout to manage over 500 influencers with only 2 employees

Mykhailo Kudla
Marketing Partnerships & Influencer Lead of Bolt
September 18, 2020
Table of contents
  1. Goal
  2. Challenge
  3. Solution

Bolt Time Savings Quote


Bolt, a rideshare platform that was ranked as the 3rd fastest growing company in Europe by the Financial Times, owes much of their success in part to their incredible execution in influencer marketing. Bolt works with hundreds of influencers across multiple European countries in multiple campaigns. More impressively, they do this with an influencer marketing team of only 2 people.

Bolt App Examples

Mykhailo Kudla, Marketing Partnerships & Influencer Lead at Bolt, designed an influencer marketing plan to drive growth at Bolt, but the scale of his efforts quickly became overwhelming once he had to deal with a large number of influencers. Mykhailo needed a way to manage his influencers and campaigns without spending too much time.


Prior to becoming MightyScout clients, Bolt partnered with 100-200 influencers. At that scale, it took Mykhailo a considerable amount of time and effort to gather and process the data from their campaigns.

“I remember the last time [prior to using] MightyScout, at the end of the month, I collected all this data [by] scrolling and going to every page and collecting all the stats and understanding everything that’s going on. That took me 4-6 hours.”

It was clear at 100-200 influencers that this workflow was unsustainable, so the challenge was even more pressing if Mykhailo wanted to scale his campaigns across even more influencers.

The tools Mykhailo worked with also needed to provide data in a certain format that could also be imported into Bolt’s internal database. Additionally, Bolt needed a way to provide feedback to their influencers based on their content. Keeping track of all their media was important, so a lot of time was spent screenshotting Stories before they disappeared.

Bolt Grid Of Examples

“I had to go and screenshot every Story that each influencer tagged. Then I would search for the handle of the influencer, type this handle, match them, and then share this screenshot somewhere, so that was kind of a mess…”

“We had to do this every day for 10 Instagram pages and on a regular basis. It takes an hour of work per day just to track those, plus we needed to structure this data into our internal database, then get the feedback and collect [influencers’ media] one more time. So that was a never ending process...”


In order for MightyScout to be a sufficient solution for Mykhailo, it needed to solve three challenges:

  • Gather all influencer Posts and Stories automatically.
  • Deliver in a format that they could easily integrate with their own tools.
  • Segment and display content in a way that can help them analyze and make strategy decisions moving forward.

MightyScout provided an immediate time savings with its influencer tracking solution.

“At this point we just go to MightyScout once a day, we see everything for the last 24 hours, or last 2 days, or 3 days etc. We don’t need to check Instagram every hour to see what changed because stories are only there for 24 hours...We used to spend 6-8 hours before, now it takes 10-15 minutes.”

While MightyScout provided exportable PDF reports of all influencer media, Bolt needed a raw data solution. Together, we discussed and implemented a CSV export feature that was delivered within a week. Mykhailo now uses this CSV, which is downloadable in seconds, to directly import data to his internal database.

Bolt Team

“Now that we have the content, we can actually see why we sometimes don’t see conversions. Before, we’d miss some of the Posts, some of the Stories, and it was hard to analyze and use our logic to conclude it was because the Story was not good enough, or the Ambassador was not good enough, or it was because the Ambassador didn’t add their promo code. The real impact was that we can analyze much more with MightyScout.”

Bolt’s influencer marketing efforts have now scaled to over 500 influencers, up from 100-200.

“This is a go-to thing that big companies need to use in order to scale and grow their influencer programs.”

We’re proud to help power influencer marketing at one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, enabling them to scale more cost-efficiently, even with a team of two.