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The most reliable Influencer management and content tracking tool for brands and agencies.

Effortless influencer marketing campaigns start with MightyScout. Trusted since 2016.
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MightyScout powers influencer campaigns for upstarts and major brands like:
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24/7 influencer story & post monitoring

MightyScout's influencer tracking notifies you whenever your influencers create a new story or post that mentions your brand. Easily identify who's on-time or late.

Stories are always captured before they expire and available for download.

Supported platforms:

Streamlined gifting & product sending

Ship, gift, and track products in minutes

Get products directly to influencers without worrying about inventory and going to the post office. With tracking links and automatic updates, you'll always know when your influencer receives their products.

Supported platforms:

Collect sales, impressions, reach, clicks, and ROI data

Powerful ROI insights allow you to make better data-driven decisions for future campaigns and partnerships.

Spreadsheets don't tell you the full story. Our live sales data integrations and unique visual grid gives you more insight into which posts succeeded and why.

Supported Integrations:

Export CSV/PDF reports

Our customizable influencer reporting provides post-by-post breakdowns of total reach, engagements, and media value whenever you're ready to impress your boss or clients.

White-labeled reports are easy to make and always contain the latest data.

Case Studies
Hoopla icon

Ride-hailing platform in 50+ markets

How Bolt uses MightyScout to manage over 500 influencers with only 2 employees

"We used to spend 6-8 hours before, but the most important part for us is not just the number of hours saved. Before, we didn’t have the option to make the good decisions that we’re able to make now. After we saved time, we now have the option to calculate ROI, we have an option to have better forecasts."

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for influencer campaigns per month
  • 7 hours

  • 12 mins

Hoopla icon

Social Media & Influencer Agency in the United Kingdom

How Hoopla Marketing saves $1,620/month per campaign with 85% time savings

"Once we saw we could see who had posted and who hadn't, that was kind of like a game changer for us...That was perfect for us to be able to report back to the client at any time. Without a doubt the cost of MightyScout is worth every penny in terms of what you're able to provide the client with, the time it saves you, and just how easy it is to use.

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for a single influencer campaign per month
  • 14 hours

  • 30 mins

Frisbi icon

Digital Marketing & Influencer Agency in Chile

How Frisbi Marketing saves $2,030 and 72 hours of work each month

"Before MightyScout, we had to spend 1-2 days every week gathering information about Stories between 1-2 people. Now, we can gather the information for reports in 2 minutes: the time it takes to download and send MightyScout's report to my clients. I think we would have had to hire 5 or 6 people to do what MightyScout is doing."

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for all influencer campaigns per month
  • 72 hours

  • 40 mins

Influbase icon

Influencer Marketing Agency in the United Kingdom

How Influbase saves $4,950 and 40 hours of work each month

"MightyScout has allowed us to really automate the tracking part of campaigns. Before this, Excel spreadsheets and manual work was very time consuming. It’s gotta be saving us something like 40 hours a month. That's a lot of man hours, if you add up all those costs from an employee point of view, that’s a lot of money, so MightyScout is very cost-efficient."

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for influencer campaigns per month
  • 40 hours

  • 30 mins

Spend 96% less time & make more profit on each influencer campaign starting now
Manage influencers without the messy spreadsheets

Find, message, and send products to influencers all through one platform. Ditch Excel and signing in and out of Instagram accounts.

The easiest campaign management system, ever.

We'll capture all of your influencers' content for your campaigns, even before Stories expire. We free up your team's time to focus on more valuable client work instead.

Impress with beautiful, comprehensive reporting

Assemble beautiful reports with high quality media and up-to-date stats in one-click. Know which media performed well to reuse elsewhere.

Understand campaign progress & success metrics

Get the full picture on which influencers are performing well, meeting requirements, and driving ROI.

Take on more clients without adding additional staff

Whether you're managing 2 or 200 campaigns, MightyScout will easily support your existing team.

Simple pricing, no year-long commitments

We charge simply based on how many influencers you're tracking and for how many brands. Start at $249 and we'll grow alongside your marketing efforts.

Before MightyScout, our team spent countless hours on our influencer programs. 6-8 hours of our time was monitoring influencer profiles 7 days a week, reporting on monthly performance by hand, creating lists of influencer selections for clients to choose from.

Turner PR
Carly Gasiewski, Digital Strategist

TURNERPR – Communications & Digital Marketing Agency

These reports are easily digestible and really help demonstrate the value of influencer work. It's great how you can see the effect of each influencer posting on a brand account's growth chart. I love working with you guys and appreciate all that you do for us.

The Mobile Media Lab
Anthony Danielle, Co-founder

The Mobile Media Lab – Influencer Marketing Agency

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