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What you need to know about your next influencer

Engagement authenticity

We identify high levels of bot engagement and "pod" behavior. Only work with influencers with real influence.

Gender ratio

Is your product gender-specific? Gender insights reveal whether or not your next influencer's followers align with your product.

Audience geography and age

More audience insights means your influencer targeting strategy gets smarter. Ensure your next influencer's followers are located where you sell.

Influencer marketing is changing in 2018

Costs in influencer marketing are rising. The savvy marketer knows you need to look at more than just followers and average engagement to make the most out of your budget.

Our influencer insights mean you never accidentally work with another fake influencer again. Accurately negotiate with influencers whose audiences aren't as targeted as you thought. Data is critical for decision making and MightyScout is your new best tool for the job.

MightyScout obtains data by scanning an influencer's past 30 posts and their engagement. This process would normally take weeks when done manually but you'll get results immediately. Focus on building great relationships with the right influencers while your competitors continue to work in the dark.

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"We've always taken a hands-on, curatorial approach to finding and hiring the right Instagrammers for our clients. MightyScout cuts our search time down significantly by filtering down to the most relevant Instagrammers while allowing us the flexibility to hand-pick them individually."

Brian DiFeo

Founder at The Mobile Media Lab ― Influencer Marketing Agency

Simple pricing: $9 per report

Custom pricing available for customers who need more than 20 reports per month. Email us: [email protected]