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Case Study: Influbase

How Influbase saves $4950 per month – reducing time spent by 10 hours per week using MightyScout to track and manage micro-influencer campaigns

Ross Furlong
Co-Founder & CEO of InfluBase
May 11, 2020
Table of contents
  1. Goal
  2. Challenge
  3. Solution

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InfluBase, founded at the start of 2019, is a UK-based micro-influencer agency that helps brands transition into influencer marketing. InfluBase’s founder, Ross Furlong, quickly noticed how time consuming finding and tracking influencers was, so he began to look for a solution to help manage influencer campaigns on behalf of his clients.

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Since InfluBase was a brand new agency at the time, Ross needed a solution that he knew could not only deliver immediate value but also have a pricing structure that would make sense for his startup.


Prior to MightyScout, Ross and his team were doing all of their influencer tracking work manually.

“MightyScout has allowed us to really automate the tracking part of [campaigns] which is brilliant because before this, Excel spreadsheets and manual work was very time consuming.”

In order to feed their spreadsheets with data, Ross and his team spent hours each day combing through their influencers’ profiles to find the relevant posts and calculate their engagement, reach, and so forth.


The time savings MightyScout provided for Ross was immediately apparent and he quickly connected the impact that was having on his bottom line. Instead of paying his team to continue performing the manual work that MightyScout automated, Ross’s team could then focus on other tasks. Overall, more work could get done quickly.

“It’s gotta be saving us something like 10 hours a week, so 40 hours a month. That's a lot of man hours. If you add that up, all that costs from an employee point of view, that’s a lot of money, so it's a very cost efficient way of doing it.”

“You’re probably looking at something like 4,000 pounds a month [MightyScout] could potentially be saving you in agency time to do that work—quite hefty savings.”

Influbase team

It was clear that MightyScout was an improvement over InfluBase’s old workflow, but Ross also needed the tool to make financial sense as well. MightyScout was not only able to provide a customized plan that charged based on how many clients InfluBase was actively running campaigns for, but Ross also came to feel like it was a partnership.

“As a startup, the costs have to be watched very carefully and it was clear that we could work with MightyScout to develop a business together, like a partnership, that wasn't going to cost us.”

Ross can be confident MightyScout will continue to work closely with InfluBase to ensure that our tools and partnership help him significantly increase profits for each of his influencer campaigns.