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Case Study: Hoopla

How Hoopla saves $1620/mo per influencer campaign – reducing time spent managing and tracking them by 85%

Paul Strong
Director & Social Media Manager of Hoopla Marketing
May 11, 2020
Table of contents
  1. Goal
  2. Challenge
  3. Solution

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Hoopla Marketing, founded in 2014, is a UK-based social media agency that specializes in the home interest space. Paul Strong, founder of Hoopla Marketing, needed to deliver influencer campaign reports to clients frequently, but building reports often took 3-4 hours per client every week. As his client base grew, this meant Paul was spending days of his time putting stats and content together for reports on a frequent basis.

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As an agency that strives to deliver a great client experience, Hoopla Marketing needs to balance delivering timely reports while also having the resources to improve their client campaigns over time. Spending hours on just the reporting aspect alone made it difficult for Paul to spend his time finding new influencers for his clients, which can stagnate campaign growth. Paul needed an easy-to-use solution that could help save him tremendous amounts of time.


Before using MightyScout, Paul immediately felt the pain of manually building campaign reports by the time he had to manage 40-50 influencers. Paul was spending his time on tasks like number-crunching and constantly checking in on client brand accounts:

“In terms of collating all the analytics, the metrics, and the performance of the posts, that was a case of going through all the content individually: Adding up the likes, adding up the reach. We probably didn’t have any visibility behind any of the engagement rates.”

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“When it came to the stories, that was a case of monitoring the brand’s instagram channel all the time to capture those stories, screenshot them, save them onto the computer and then to have them ready for the client when they requested them.”


When Paul signed up for MightyScout, it was an immediate improvement on his old number-crunching workflow. MightyScout allowed Paul to:

  • Automatically gather and calculate all of their influencers’ media and metrics
  • Monitor campaign performance and influencer analytics
  • Immediately respond to clients when they asked how the campaigns were faring with a timely influencer campaign report
  • Start focusing on more important, strategic tasks for his clients

“To see all [the stats] in one place, to get the content, to be able to see the content, see how well it’s performing, who posted it and when they posted it, that was perfect”

What was once a workflow that required 3-4 hours of work per client per week turned into one that only needed 30 minutes:

“[Time spent] is so minimal now, [my co-founder] Danny, literally as we speak, is doing a report for one of our clients and it’s probably taking him half an hour to put it together”

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Paul was able to integrate his existing campaigns on MightyScout instantly, resulting in immediate time savings while also being able to view campaign metrics he didn’t have access to before.

“Without a doubt the cost of MightyScout is worth every penny in terms of what you’re able to provide the client with, the time it saves you, and just how easy it is to use.”

MightyScout helps Paul run Hoopla Marketing more effectively while also providing the tools to delight his clients even further.