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Case Study: Today's Business

How Today's Business saves $1000/month per campaign with 99% time savings

Joe Sanfilippo
Manager, Growth & Partnerships at Today's Business
September 15, 2022
Table of contents
  1. Goal
  2. Challenge
  3. Solution



Today’s Business is a top-performing digital marketing and social media optimization agency with expertise in over 50 industries that offers innovative, hands-on and completely customized marketing solutions. While this high level of customization is what sets Today’s Business apart from its competitors, it also requires lots of time and heavy manual work. Their Influencer Marketing team spent so much time capturing content, there was little left over to build relationships with clients, stay on top of reporting, and influencer outreach.

Joe Sanfilippo, Growth & Partnerships Manager at Today’s Business, explains there was no way for one person to keep track of all the content that was being posted. They needed a better tool that would help them scale the influencer marketing program and drive a more significant ROI.


Prior to MightyScout, the Today’s Business team was doing all the campaign managing, content tracking, and reporting manually. Sanfilippo recalls their last campaign before joining MightyScout:

"It was for the SuperBowl and I was literally in Tampa, at the SuperBowl, on my phone the whole time, screen-recording every single person's content that came in. Because I knew if I didn't screen record that content, those videos, I would never get it. [...] I would spend hours and hours and hours at a time, at nights and on the weekends, just monitoring these people's posts, and it was just incredibly inefficient and honestly frustrating."

With 30-40 influencers on a spreadsheet and spending innumerable hours tracking content, the team realized they needed a better solution for organizing, tracking, and reporting if they wanted to scale their influencer marketing program.

"We were using Google sheets and doing a lot of manual outreach and everything like that. The biggest challenge that we faced was how do we report on the success of this campaign, and more importantly, how do we get this content to reuse, how do we build a case study off of a campaign and how do we come back to our clients with the content. [...] I would say it used to take us at least 6 hours to pull together a proper influencer campaign report."

Sanfilippo learned about MightyScout while scrolling through his Twitter feed; when he got in touch, he discovered that it offered the capabilities his team needed to successfully grow their business.

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In order for MightyScout to be a sufficient solution for Today’s Business, we needed to enable them to:

  1. Ensure all content gets tracked and is downloadable: When having to manually screen-record posts, there is a risk of content getting lost. MightyScout’s campaign tracking tool ensures that all influencer-generated content is being captured so now the team can sign in and download the files at any time to repurpose and reuse.
  2. Get access to data: The MightyScout dashboard enables the team to see their campaign’s success metrics and easily share a visually-appealing file with their customers.
  3. Get improved reporting: MightyScout’s PDF reports and CSV exports allow the team to generate tailored deliverables that addresses specific requirements and highlights relevant metrics, saving time and equipping the team with the resources to stay informed of their client’s campaign performance.

"MightyScout is just a simple and effective solution that covers the core of what you need to run a campaign, but in a cost-efficient manner. A lot of our campaigns are [on] a very small budget so we needed a tool that is budget friendly, but also gives us the core tools that we need."

Making the switch to MightyScout allowed Joe Sanfilippo and his team to keep the details of their campaigns organized, taking time-consuming and tedious tasks off their plate and focus their attention on building relationships.

"[Now] we don't have to go and manually build out a list of influencers, we don't have to manually put in their followers and try to calculate their engagement rates and all of those types of things. That's just all pulled in automatically from MightyScout. [...] We've been able to create much better targeting and much better contracts with the influencers because of the data that MightyScout gives to us. We're able to do a lot better reporting and a lot better on client calls because we have better strategy right now. We could go to our clients and say: “hey, the cost per engagement on these influencers were much stronger than some of these other ones we worked with” so we double down on these influencers and built longer term partnerships with other [influencers]."

Today’s Business has been able to scale their influencer marketing program from 30-40 influencers every couple of months to over 300 at any given time.

"To anybody that's in our position, that's working with a lot of influencers, that has low-cost budgets and really needs to track content effectively, 100% would recommend MightyScout."

With MightyScout supporting their campaign tracking needs, the Today’s Business team is empowered to drive growth across all areas of the business.