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"Tracking and reporting used to take 15 hours. Now it takes 30 minutes"

MightyScout tracks all influencer social media content – stories, posts, mentions – so you have it in one place, whenever you need it. Agencies save an average of 15 hours per week — that adds up to atleast $18,000 per year.
Endless sheets, folders, and scattered files don’t cut it when you’re trying to scale your influencer marketing program. Track and store everything you need in one centralized location.
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Track content from all your influencer, affiliate, and ambassador campaigns, automatically.
Easily stay on top of what’s going on with your influencer marketing campaigns. Just enter the usernames you want MightyScout to check, and we’ll let you know who posted and who didn’t.
Seeding campaigns plant icon
Seeding campaigns

You send products to different influencers...and hope they post. Automatically track the content they posted and how much, all in one place. Maintain the carefree “no-strings-attached” vibe, but know whether you’re getting ROI.

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Gifting campaigns

Gifting products in exchange for content can be tough to manage. Automatically track content so you can see if they posted, how much they posted, and whether it’s worth it to gift them more products.

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In-person events

During an event, your team is hands-on running the show, building relationships, and keeping everyone happy. Instead of checking your phones, let MightyScout collect everything for you. Plus, it’s easy to create a snazzy same-day wrap report.

No more logging in on a Sunday to catch stories before they expire. Finally.

Try MightyScout and save 15 hours this week.


Create beautiful performance reports in seconds, not days

Know which influencers performed well and instantly get insight into how a campaign did overall. MightyScout takes care of the stats so you can focus on how to course correct, instead of spending days putting together a single report. Plus, having nice stats gets you more buy-in, more budget, and helps you drive revenue.


Know the ROI of your influencers, automatically

See the sales attributed to influencers based on the discount codes they share. Know engagement metrics like impressions, reach, and CPM so you can evaluate how effective this marketing channel is, and whether you’re on track for quarterly goals.

Supported Sales & Other KPI Data Integrations:


Ship, gift, and track products in minutes

Get your products into the hands of the right influencers. With tracking links and automatic updates, you'll always know where your shipment is and when it arrives. No more confusion around who got what and when, or manually entering product details.

Supported platforms:

Influencer tracking used to take 6-8 hours. Now it takes 10-15 minutes. Now, we actually have the time to dive deep into analytics and see what is performing well. MightyScout is the go-to thing that big companies need to use to scale and grow their programs.

Mykhailo Kudla at Bolt
Mykhailo Kudla, Marketing Partnerships & Influencer Lead

Bolt - Rideshare platform and 3rd-fastest-growing company in Europe


All your influencer content and contacts.
All neatly organized. All in one place.
Effortlessly keep track of everything you need in one centralized location, whether you have 15 influencers or 1500.
A few polaroid photos for downloading influencer content
Download influencer-created content in just a few clicks

Automatically collect, filter, rank, and label content so your team can easily evaluate whether posts and stories are meeting requirements. Plus, repurpose influencer content for use on other channels, like Facebook ads or emails.

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Keep track of contacts in a centralized database

Stop struggling to keep contact lists up-to-date. Within MightyScout you have one place to see who’s available in your roster, filter based on different parameters, and collaborate with your team.

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Triage Instagram DMs in one central shared inbox

No more logging in and out of multiple Instagram accounts (and constantly asking for 2FA codes). Soon, you’ll be able to triage all DMs in one place, assign team members to responses, and easily see which messages need responses.


Easily choose the best-fit social media influencers for your brand
Audience demographic reports, social listening, and list building let you and your team more quickly choose the right influencers who will drive sales.


Audience demographic reports

Make sure their audience makes sense for your brand. Double check that their audience is engaged, has minimal fake followers, and is in a location that matters to you. Create a clean report you can show your client (or your boss).


Social listening

Know who talks about you, how people talk about your brand, and when mentions are correlated with spikes in sales. MightyScout lets you know every time you’re mentioned on Instagram so you can learn from and reuse that content.


Easier list building

Make faster decisions on which content creators to work with. Instead of combing through social media profiles one by one, simply copy and paste 100+ Instagram usernames into a list. Get stats and contact information so you can identify who you want to work with and get in touch easily.

Does MightyScout have a robust, built-in discovery tool?

Yes, instead of relying on a traditional database search, we use a lookalike approach to identify Instagram influencers that are an ideal fit for your campaign in near real-time. By inputting your ideal influencer, our system can recommend individuals with a similar aesthetic and audience. Say goodbye to hours of manual research and hello to efficient, effective influencer discovery.

Book a demo to see if this approach is a good fit for you


Finally, an influencer campaign tracking tool with features built for agencies
Easy multi-brand mode, client-friendly dashboards, and cross-brand databases help you manage as many brands as you need.


Track influencers for multiple brands in one place

Quickly understand the activity that's happening with influencers you're working with, across multiple brands. Instead of siloed influencers and tons of different logins, you’ll have a handle on everyone in your influencer program, all in one place.


White-labeled reports at a moment’s notice

Create a report per brand at a moment’s notice. Export it as a white-labeled PDF or Excel file. Or, share a link with your client so they can see live updates on their campaign performance. They'll have the data and analytics at their fingertips to understand why working with you is well-worth the investment.


Get alerts for press clippings straight to your inbox

Stay up-to-date on mentions of your clients with email alerts. You can send clients noteworthy clippings and monitor brand mentions. They’ll say "Wow, this marketing team is on top of everything that’s going on."


Easily shareable shortlists

Build a list of relevant influencers and easily get approval from the brand — share a visually appealing list with notes, metrics, and context so clients have everything they need to approve or give feedback. The best part, they can do all of this without logging in.


One contact database, all of your brands

Your marketing agency’s database is one of your most valuable assets — you shouldn’t have to split influencers across accounts. Instead, you can maintain one rich database with all the influencers you work with, and filter based on different pieces of information. Get your clients the best-fit influencers available at any given time.

Before MightyScout, we had two team members spending 1-2 days every week gathering all the information about stories. Now, we can gather the information for reports in 2 minutes. If we had to measure this in people, I think we’d have to hire 5-6 people to do what MightyScout is doing.

Mykhailo Kudla at Bolt
Tomás Collados, CEO

FRISBI - Leading Influencer Marketing Agency in Chile

Get in on the "secret" that our marketing agency customers would love to keep...
Hoopla icon

Social Media & Influencer Agency in the United Kingdom

Hoopla Marketing saves $1,620/month per campaign with 85% time savings

"To be honest, at the moment we kind of want to keep you to ourselves because it's that good. We don't want to tell anyone else about you."

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for a single influencer campaign per month
  • 14 hours

  • 30 mins

Influbase icon

Influencer Marketing Agency in the United Kingdom

Influbase saves $4,950 and 40 hours of work each month

"MightyScout is one of those tools where we actually want to kind of keep it a bit of a secret if we can. Which isn't good for MightyScout. But in a way it's a testimony to how good and useful we think it is."

Time spent tracking & reporting analytics for influencer campaigns per month
  • 40 hours

  • 30 mins

Start tracking and reporting on influencer campaigns in MightyScout and save 15 hours this week — two entire workdays.